RUNfit 365 Episode 18 How to Stay Fit When Away | Slowing Down and Losing Winter Weight

February 8, 2015

In Episode 18 Dan shares a few tips for staying fit during your next vacation or business trip. Rest and relaxation doesn't have to mean falling completely off the training wagon! Dan discusses some very simple approaches you can use during your next trip that will help keep you on track. In this episodes Random Runner's World we discuss slowing down with age and losing winter weight by cutting out snacks and/or increasing mileage. Enjoy episode 18 and happy training!  


RUNfit 365 Episode 17 Running by Feel - Find Your Zone | Tips for Solo Running

January 31, 2015

In episode 17 we discuss running by feel. Forget about heart rate and pace and focus on how you feel! Ok, heart rate and pace are important factors too but learning to listen to your body is critical. Coach Dan Cuson gives us a great overview but you have to download a free RUNfit 365 plan to get the full effect of the grid he discusses. In Random Runner's World we do a terrible job sharing tips for solo running but if you listen close enough you may find a few gems that will help you get through your next solo run! Enjoy episode 17 and happy training! 


RUNfit 365 Episode 16 Signs of Overtraining | Training Tips 140 Characters at a Time

January 25, 2015

In episode 16 we discuss signs of overtraining. How do you know when you are training too much? Coach Dan Cuson reviews 9 signs of overtraining and discusses ways to avoid them. In Random Runner's World we land on a page full of tweets. It is amazing what kind of wisdom you can squeeze into 140 characters! Enjoy episode 16 and happy training.  


RUNfit 365 Episode 15 Seven Ways to Become a Faster Runner | Recovery Runs, How to Run Hills, and Stay Cool on The Mill

January 19, 2015

In episode 15 we discuss 7 ways to become a faster runner! Coach Cuson does an amazing job describing some fairly complex concepts, such as VO2 max and lactate threshold, this is Dan at his best! If you are looking for ways to become a faster runner this podcast is for you. We have a rapid fire Random Runner's World at the close of the episode discussing recovery days, how to run hills and ways to stay cool if you find yourself on the treadmill. Enjoy episode 15 and happy training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 14 Training Phases for Runners | Goals, Martial Arts, Easy Run Pace and Cold Weather Breathing

January 11, 2015

In episode 14 we discuss the different training phases we go through as runners and we have an epic Random Runner's World where we discuss everything from establishing goals to how martial arts help you improve as a runner. Coach Cuson does a great job overviewing the importance of each training phase and shares the most common workouts you will encounter during each phase. What starts out as a flopped Random Runner's World turns out to be one of our best ones yet! Enjoy episode 14 and happy training! 


RUNfit 365 Episode 13 Core Training for Runners | Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

January 4, 2015

In Episode 13 we discuss core training and habits of highly motivated runners. Coach Dan reviews 11 great core exercises that will help you become a stronger runner. All the exercises we review can be done in your house/apartment with very little time commitment, just do it! In our Random Runner's World we pull an article from the January/February 2015 magazine discussing the 12 habits of highly motivated runners. Dan adds a little flavor to the list so by the end of the podcast we have 14-15 habits of highly motivated runners! Enjoy episode 13 and happy training! 


RUNfit 365 Episode 12 FREE Training Plans, Personal Record Challenge | New Year’s Resolutions

December 28, 2014

In Episode 12 Dan and I make some huge announcements regarding RUNfit 365 training plans are free! We are giving away training plans in an effort to hit 1 million personal records in 2015. Dan and I discuss the ideas behind the PR challenge and introduce the new RUNfit 365 website. Does anyone ever stick to their New Year's resolutions? We talk about establishing good New Year's resolutions and give tips on how to sustain them throughout the year! Enjoy episode 12 and happy training!  


RUNfit 365 Episode 11 Ten Reasons to Run without Music | Last Minute Gift Ideas for Runners

December 21, 2014

In episode 11 we discuss one of our most popular blog articles, 10 Reasons to Run without Music. This is always a hot topic and Dan does a great job discussing the pros and cons of running with and without music. Are you still struggling to find a gift for that loved runner in your life? We share a few last minute gift ideas that every runner would love. Enjoy episode 11 and Happy Training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 10 Treadmill Running | Random Runner’s World Lessons Learned from the Marathon

December 14, 2014

In episode 10 we discuss one of Dan's favorite topics, treadmill running! Dan shares a few reasons why not to run on the treadmill along with some very helpful running tips if you find yourself on "the mill". We also have a great Random Runner's World segment on lessons learned from the marathon. We discuss 10 common training and racing mistakes to avoid during your next marathon. Enjoy episode 10 and Happy Training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 9 Winter Running Tips | Random Runner’s World Shin Strength

December 7, 2014

In episode 9 Alyssa joins Dan and I as we discuss winter running tips. Winter running can be very enjoyable as long as you properly prepare your body for the elements. Dan provides some great advice on ways to keep you running during the winter months. In Random Runner's World we talk about some lower leg stretches that will help strengthen your shins so you can avoid those dreaded shin splints. Enjoy episode nine and Happy Training!