RUNfit 365 Water Break - Boston Marathon and Family Travel!

April 19, 2015

Thanks for being loyal listeners to the RUNfit 365 podcast. Dan and family are traveling this week and Travis and Alyssa in Boston getting ready for the Boston Marathon. Please join us next week for episode 28 where we will be discussing more race preparation and maybe Travis will share some stories from the Boston Marathon. Until next week Happy Training and Booyeah!


RUNfit 365 Episode 27 Race Prep Series 2 – The Night Before The Race and Race Day

April 12, 2015

In episode 27 we continue our race prep series by discussing how to prep for your big race on race day and the night before. Dan shares tons of great information on what to do and not to do the night before the race. We also cover race morning dos and don'ts, FYI hitting up a breakfast buffet before the big race is not a good idea! Tons of great information in episode 27! Enjoy and happy training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 26 Race Prep Series 1 - Chafing, Blisters, and Toenails

April 5, 2015

In episode 26 we introduce our RUNfit 365 race prep series. This will be a four part series covering race day preparation along with how to properly recover after your target race. In this episode Dan discusses three of our favorite topics as runners: chafing, blisters and toenails. Dan gives us some great advice on how to prevent these three common problems from happening to you on race day. We also address a couple great listener questions and we celebrate a 39 minute personal record! Enjoy episode 26 and happy training! 


RUNfit 365 Episode 25 The Taper, Things Runners Can’t Stand, and RUNfit 365 Tee’s

March 29, 2015

In episode 25 we discuss tapering. Dan shares his wisdom and research on how best to taper for your next marathon or half-marathon. Stay sharp but don't over do it, the taper phase is a very important part of your training cycle. What annoys you as a runner? We have fun discussing a few things runners can't stand...for example your GPS watch dying mid run! We also give you the low down on the new RUNfit 365 tee shirts. Enjoy episode 25 and happy training! 


RUNfit 365 Episode 24 Running Terrains - The Pros and Cons of Different Surfaces

March 22, 2015

In episode 24 Dan covers 11 different running terrains. Dan covers each terrain discussing the pros and cons of each as well as discussing when and how to best log some miles on each surface. We also briefly share a RUNfit 365 listener story, thanks again AJ for letting us tell your inspirational story, no question you will motivate others! RUNfit 365 also goes in the the T-Shirt business! Enjoy episode 24 and happy training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 23 Strength Training 13 Exercises You Can Do at Home in 20 Minutes

March 15, 2015

In episode 23 Dan discusses strength training and how to train for hills when you don't have any hills to train on. Dan discusses how best to fit strength training into your running schedule and shares 13 common exercises you can do almost anywhere that will help you become a stronger runner! I also think after 23 episodes we have finally figured out our introduction, well maybe not! Enjoy episode 23 and happy training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 22 The Long Run - 10 Long Run Training Tips

March 9, 2015

In episode 22 Dan uses very big words like musculoskeletal, mitochondria, and capillaries to discuss the physiological aspects of the long run. He also shares 10 great training tips you can use during your next long run. One of our loyal RUNfit 365 podcast listeners sets a new 21 minute personal best in the marathon and still has 7 weeks left in his training plan. Dan discusses how to cope and adjust when you blow out your previous personal record prior to finishing your training plan! Enjoy episode 22 and happy training. 


RUNfit 365 Episode 21 Safety Tips for Runners – Tips for Staying Safe During Your Next Run

March 1, 2015

In episode 21 we discuss safety tips for runners. Dan does an amazing job compiling a comprehensive list of safety tips to keep you safe during your next run. You will occasionally hear stories of a runner being attacked while running, please listen and share this podcast with your friends in an effort to keep them safe. We will also be posting a blog that includes these safety tips for your reference. Please let us know if we missed anything that may help your fellow runners stay safe and we will be sure to include them in our blog. Visit us at Enjoy episode 21 and happy training!


RUNfit 365 Episode 20 What to Eat Before You Run| Treadmill Shoes, Tired Arms, and Yesterday’s Run

February 22, 2015

In episode 20 we discuss what to eat before you run and cover a quick random Runner's World discussing treadmills, tired arms and yesterday's run. Dan covers tons of tips and practical advice for properly fueling before your next run. Dan shares a great equation to help ensure you are consuming a properly balanced pre-run meal/snack to ensure you get through your next run in top nutritional form! We also discuss the value of properly hydrating and get a surprise phone call from a local pasta shop. Dan also shares several cool things happening with RUNfit 365, be sure to check out our website for frequent updates and blog entries. Enjoy episode 20 and happy training!  


RUNfit 365 Episode 19 Tips for Helping You Run | The Long Run and Coaching Resources

February 15, 2015

In episode 19 Dan shares 14 tips for helping you get out the door and run! This is something every runner struggles with at some point during every training cycle, there is no question these tips well help you stay motivated! In Random Runner's World we land on an article discussing the value of the long run, such an important part of every half-marathon and marathon training program. We also discuss a new resource on called "Coaching and Self-Coaching Resources", cool books to help you become a better runner and/or coach! Enjoy episode 19 and happy training!